Chapter 5. WebScarab Plugins

Table of Contents

WebScarab plugins
The Proxy plugin
Proxy listeners
Active conversations
Proxy plugins
The Manual Request plugin
The Spider plugin
Session ID Analysis
Collecting sessionids
Session ID Analysis
Session ID Visualisation
The scripted plugin
The fragments plugin
The Compare plugin
The Fuzzer plugin
The Search plugin

WebScarab plugins

WebScarab uses the concept of plugins, which can do one or both of the following:

  • Create conversations
  • Analyse conversations

Plugins that create conversations use a plugin-specific method to decide which resources to request from the server, how to parameterise the request headers, etc, then submits the request to the server. It then receives the response from the server, can perform some computation on the response, and can then decide whether or not to submit that conversation to the framework.

All conversations that are submitted to the framework are distributed to all of the plugins that are installed in the framework. Each plugin then gets the opportunity to perform some analysis on that conversation.

Current plugins include: